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Banjo Pickups
Epoxy glue for banjo pickup mounting
What banjo pickup can I use with a Deering Goodtime banjo?
Endpin Jack Preamps
Volume Control - Player Endpin Jack Preamp
Can the Artist II endpin jack preamp be configured for stereo output?
Can I use a tone control with the Artist II endpin jack preamp?
Amplification, Feedback, Noise
Noise or 60 cycle hum
String Noise
My pickup sounds distorted, what might be causing this?
Jack Assemblies
SJA series jack assembly - maximum thickness span
Resonator Pickups
RG-03 has too much treble.
Uneven output on an NR-2 biscuit bridged resonator guitar
Basic Wiring
Basic Volume Control Wiring For Pots and Thumbwheels Part 1
Basic Volume Control Wiring Part 2
Dimensions for Violin, Viola, Mandolin, Archtop Bridges
Pickup Utilization
Combining magnetic pickups with piezo pickups
Using soundboard pickups in solid body instruments
Use of a soundboard pickup on a skin headed instrument
Instruction Sheets
Autoharp Pickup

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Autoharp Pickup Article not rated yet
Installation Instructions

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